Wednesday, 14 May 2014

[120514-130514] Recovering

The last 2 days has been mostly slow. I was recovering from the common cold and didn't get much exercise done. I did do 3 "miles" of Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home on Monday, and a couple of short afternoon walks with the husband.

I also ate a bit more but still managed to get 18 hrs fast, so I suppose it wasn't all too bad. I did had chips and too much Boterkoek though... not proud of it.

As I expected, I saw some gain these last 2 days. Monday I was 56.6 kg and Tuesday 56.8 kg. I need to be more strict these next couple of days, because I'm meeting some friends on Friday and I know for sure it will be a carb fest :P.

Monday, 12 May 2014

[100514-110514] Rainy weekend

This weekend has not been too nice. It was rainy the whole weekend, and I finally caught the cold. I've been a little sneezy for 3 weeks now, but this time the virus finally got to me.

Saturday was a busy day, going here and there for shopping, and later in the evening we went to my husband's parents. I didn't exercise at all, but I did get an 18 hrs fast. My eating that day was pretty high carb, but I feel that the portion was under control. Oh, and in the morning I weighed at 56.9 kg, 0.3 kg down :).

On Sunday I woke up with a full blown cold, talk about sneezing the whole day! I actually don't remember the last time I had such a cold, must be 2 years ago or so. Anyway, despite Saturday's carb loading, I weighed at 56.4 kg in the morning... another 0.5 kg down! I don't know what happened but I'm not complaining ;).

Since I felt pretty miserable the whole day, I didn't exercise, didn't fast and I ate quite a bit more. Breakfast was green smoothies from spinach, orange and banana. Lunch was omelette with tofu and mushroom. Snacks was some Marie biscuit and Boterkoek. Dinner was rice with Stir fry water spinach & beef and fried tempeh. It was delicious :).

So, I've been "in repair" for about a week now. On Sunday 4th May, I was 57.8 kg. This sunday 11th May, I am 56.4 kg. 1.4 kg down :).

I expect some a little gain on Monday morning from this feeding day, but as long as the trend keeps going down, it's all fine. For now I just need to beat the cold.

Friday, 9 May 2014

[080514 - 090514] Bad day and good day.


Yesterday was a bad day. I woke up with a bad headache which wouldn't go away all day despite taking medicine. That combined with a dreary Dutch weather... and it was a school morning for me. It was hard pay attention in class, and I didn't get much done during the computer lab hour. I felt horrible all day long.

I didn't do any exercise because I just didn't have any energy. I was tired and my body was aching all over. I did however, got a 18 hrs fast, thanks for being at school in the morning. Otherwise it would've been a very off day. For lunch I had salad and leftover meatloaf. Snack was way too many Marie Biscuits (again). Dinner was Soto Madura (beef soup) with rice, acar (pickeld cucumber and pineapple) and kerupuk (shrimp crackers). I should've done away with the kerupuk as it's pretty high sodium and practically empty calories. Ah, I have so many vices when it comes to food...

My scale in the morning was back to 57.5 kg, up 0.2 kg. Not surprised given how stiff my whole body were, lost of water retention I suppose.


Contrary to yesterday, today I had a very good day! When I woke up I still felt a bit of headache, but as the day progressed it went away. My scale showed 57.2 kg... downwards again , though very tiny bit :).

Something happened today that hasn't happened since my fasting days last year.... I didn't feel hungry all day. I was aiming to have 18 hrs fast, though silently hoping to push it further to 19 hrs, and at the end I got a 20 hrs fast! My stomach wasn't growling at all, I didn't feel hunger pangs and had very little of the "munchies".

Around noon I nearly a full hour exercise, did Illaria Montagnani's Atletica, which is not the lightest of exercises. I was so happy because I pulled through the whole thing with good energy! And even after such exercise I didn't feel hungry. Towards the end of the fast, I felt this empty feeling in my stomach though, and that's when I decided to call it a day.

For breakfast I had leftover fish from the fish wrap (only 3 small pieces), a bowl of leftover beef soup without rice or any other condiments, and the pickeld cucumber & pineapple. Yeah... I often eat leftovers for lunch :P. I just feel bad about throwing away food, plus it's actually convenient for times that I don't feel like prepping food for myself. Anyways, snack was again Marie Biscuit... only 5 pieces this time though :D. For dinner I made Chili Con Carne and had a few slices of whole grain baguettes. It was satisfying.

I am very happy about today!!

Btw, this morning I went lurking in the forum again (I should pop in to say hi sometime). I was happy to notice that there are more people doing the "eating window" IF now instead of the classic 5:2 IF. Last year I was one of the few who did it. The eating window that seems to be gaining followers now is the 19:5 window (i.e. the Fast-5 diet). Right now I'm still inclined to just let the way I feel on a particular day determine how long my fast is, but minimum 16 hrs. But perhaps sometime I would like to try 19:5 for a whole week to see how I feel about it.

Another variation that's becoming is the Alternate Day Fasting, basically one day fast and one day off. I'm not sure that I can do that. I mean last year I found 5:2 already hard enough, especially since I hate calorie counting, that I only pulled of several full day fasts. But the point is, there are so many ways to go about IF, and I'll just vary it to fit me.

Anyway, reading all the forum's threads and skimming through the Fast-5 Diet book seems to have rekindled my willpower to do this again

Tomorrow's weekend, I guess I won't exercise, and seeing that I had a 20:4 day today, I will just try to make it to 16:8 tomorrow.